Welcome to Austin Uncharted.

We produce live in-studio sessions for local Austin bands and artists. In the challenge of growth, gentrification, and commercialization we hope to remind this city of the hard-working and genuine artists, musicians, bands, and people who are at the heart of what makes this place unique and what can still prove us as the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World". We are each individually passionate about music, art, and culture and simply hope our hard work brings you something honest and inspiring from your neighbors and friends who are living and working musicians in our city.

Enjoy and keep supporting local music.


Warren Thomas Fenzi episode is now online!

Stay tuned! Delicate Boys was in the studio and will be up soon.



The link below has all our episodes and photos too. Check them out.


The Crew

Cassandra Elese // Show Host //

Nathan Pozen // Show Host

Megan Flechaus // Show Host //

Jason Schaub // Videographer, Editor, Producer //

David McDonald // Audio Engineer, Booking, Producer //

Thomas Pattison // Videographer

Ronny Galdamez // Social Media Photographer //


All sessions recorded at the beautiful studio of

King Electric Recording Co.



Do you have questions about the show or are interested on being on one of the episodes?
Please contact us via email: